2015 Active Partnership Gallery


Приветствуем учеников Лингвистического центра «Prime Time», которые по результатам 2014-2015 учебного года признаны «Prime Time Linguistic Centre Active Partners». Вы, ребята, — золотой фонд нашего Лингвистического центра. Ваше активное участие, желание быть партнерами, побеждать в конкурсах и программах Лингвистического центра, ваш креативный и вдумчивый подход к подготовке любых заданий заслуживает глубокого уважения со стороны всего педагогического коллектива нашего центра, ваших родителей и одногруппников. Мы надеемся, что ваша целеустремленность, трудолюбие, заинтересованность в изучении иностранных языков помогут вам достичь самых высоких результатов! Так держать.

Always believes in himself. His motto is «nothing is over until it`s actually over». Nikita is the person who does his best to achieve extra grades by throwing way beyond what he is expected.

Bykoder Dmitriy

Nothing can block his way to success. He is absolutely sure that no obstacle is ever insurmountable. His teachers are sure there will be nothing to prevent him from persuing his goal.

Never, ever give up. That is Lera`s catch phrase which helps her keep plugging away tawards her goal. She knows that if you have a dream, inch your way towards it and mark off mini goals on the way. Alot of it depends on your own mental will to succeed.

Irina seems to be mature enough for a teenager. There is no point in encouraging her to keep going. It`s no hard for her to put things in to perspective and her best approach is to block out negative thoughts and keep at pushing beyond her limits.

Maria channels her efforts in the right direction and doesn`t  get side-tracked. She recons that the key to success is to think imaginatevely about her goals. Everybody respects her positive actions.

Mazankova Olga

Olga always remembers that the more you practise being assertive and proactive the more it becomes second nature. So, she make an effort to learn something new every day. It boastss her confidence.

There is no way she could get through that sort of workload without being organised and deciplined. She always makes a list of what he wants to achieve and then plans her progress towards her goal.

Kate is active participator in all kinds of activities held in Prime Time Linguistic Centre. She is also certain that concentration will make her feel more in control of her life and it will boast her confidence and self belief.

He is eager to participate in lots of competition using his imagery. He is convinced competing help a great deal in his succes. This way he will be prepared for everything and afraid of nothing.

Don`t underestimate yourself. You are a brilliant speaker and creative thinker. Push yourelf beyond your limits. Take your time, work your way up, and don`t forget to enjoy yourself while you do it.

She is so motivated student, aiming always for something more and better. She values diversity; develops her analytical and critical thinking through reading. She has taken responsibility for managing her time, organizing her work and refining her communication and leadership skills.

Violetta Cherkasheninova always strives for the best academic achievements, aiming to succeed in life. She takes advantage of any available communication workshops and extra curriculum sessions, enriches her general knowledge all the time and is always ready to support and encourage her fellow students.

He always knows what he wants to achieve. Nikita has a lot of friends, he likes dancing and does it very cool. He is very progressive and perspective young man. He is hrdworker he does his best for having success.

Alina is very kind, sensitive, sympathetic girl. She is hardworking.

 He has a high intellectual development, versatility of the interests, good manners.

Mira is very honest, principled, talanted girl. She strives for excellence.

Akim freely gets into contact with a teacher and classmates. He is very active and creative.

Platon enjoys respect and love among peers. He is a hard worker.

He is the type of person who loves learning. It seems that he always knows what to do and never gets nervous.

He is purposeful and assertive. He always expresses his ideas and opinion with confidence.

And here’s Misha! The student, who wants new knowledge all the time, whose outlook surprises his teachers, who does his best each and every lesson!

 This girl is extremely talented. Except English, she also learns Polish and has a fantastic voice. Masha has a lot of friends and wants to connect her life with languages.

This pupil is incredibly friendly and sociable. He is interested in everything starting from Chinese to martial arts. Daniel is also very responsible and polite.

He is a talented, sociable learner. He is always eager to learn something new. If you have difficult test, wicked quize or some creative projects, be sure, Dan is the first in a line to cope up with them!

Sotskoy Misha is very serious and ambitious. He has his own goals and does his best to gain them. He is so hardworking that it seems all the exams and tests are a kind of hobby for him.

Meet Sofia! That’s the student to be proud of! Always participating in a lesson, always ready to act, smart and vivid! Keep going ahead!

Orel Igor is an optimistic person. He is well-balanced and quite reserved. He always keeps calm in critical situations. Igor is quite sensible and practical. He is very responsible.

Khmelevskaya Elizabeth is purposeful and assertive. She always expresses her ideas and opinion with confidence. She does well at school, because she is studious and works really hard. She is also very intelligent and resourceful.

Shevchenko Lisa is always kind and responsive to others

She can always cheer us up with a good joke or tell an interesting story.

She is always reserved and collected. It seems that she always knows what to do and never gets nervous.

Pashul Angela is responsible, hard-working and she also gets on well with people. She is also easy-going and open to new ideas. She always listens to the advice of people who have more experience and she is ready to face challenges that may come along the way.

Kostenko Valary enjoys actively participating in various projects that the teachers may offer and she does everything she can to contribute to its growth and development.

Titarenko Kate is always fair and honest, which makes her a good friend. She is responsible, reliable and she is always ready to face any challenges.

Tkachenko Mary is active, adaptable, ambitious, because she always achieves her goal, she is also broadminded, cheerful and competitive.

Burda Anastasia is very creative, she never looks for easy ways to solve the problem, she is also determined, easygoing, energetic and enthusiastic. She is a respected pupil in her english group.

George Zheleznyak.Totally reliable and ambitious.He always expresses himself properly and clear.The only his fault that he is shy and timid.

Irena Kutelia.She is kind of person you like at fist sight.Tallented and creative,ambitious and confident,she is successful at any work she does.The only her fault she is scurpulous.

Olga Chinchevich.A vivid performer and an active participator.She always has a mind of her own and stands out in a croud.The only her fault she is a little bit bossy.

Phaina Makarenko.She is a person of strong will and always ready to face any challenge.She is devoted to studying.The only her fault she is very hardworking.

Sophia Kovalchuk.She has a happy personality. Always vivid and sociable,cheerful and funny.The only her fault she is too talkative.